Why buy in Cotati?

Cotati, a 100+ year old community sits in the Mexican land grant area known as Rancho Cotate. After passing through the hands of several individuals, Thomas Page purchased the land in 1849. First called Page's Station, after the local train station, the name was later changed to Cotati. In 1895, the hub of Cotati was created with a hexagonal street layout. The Redwood Highway connected with local streets forming a hexagon and center of town. Uncommon in the United States this type of intersection is common in Europe. Incorporated in the 1960's Cotati created a slow growth policy. The boutiquish downtown is home to great restaurants and pubs. Nearby Sonoma State University is a popular college hosts the Green Music Center. The music center is a world class venue for symphonic entertainment. Read more information about the community of Cotati.           

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Top 10 Reasons to Live in Cotati


1. Affordability

Cotati offers homes and country properties at a cost thousands of dollars less than cities closer to San Francisco, Marin County or the peninsula. The quality of life, cleaner air, proximity to Redwood forests, some of the world´s finest wineries and boutique communities like Bodega Bay, Yountville, Healdsburg, the Sierra´s for skiing and the Pacific Ocean combine to make Cotati a great community to live in.


2.  Low Crime Rate

Cotati has a low crime rate.  Law enforcement is handled by Cotati Police Department.  Small but effective, members of the Department are actively involved in the community.


3.  Broad Selection of Housing

In 1892, the small town began to develop around a wood and water stop known as Page´s Station.  The Page family formed the Cotati Land Company to subdivide and sell parcels of their vast ranch and to transform Page´s Station into a small town.  In 1895, the county road was built between Petaluma and Santa Rosa through the hexagonally laid-out heart of the new town.  On February 13th 1894, the U.S. Post Office was installed and by the turn of the century Page´s Station became known as Cotati.  Established before the turn of the century, Cotati offers a wide selection of older homes, and homes in newer subdivisions. 


4.  Outdoor Recreation and Entertainment

Sports for children, city parks and city center La Plaza Park host regular activities.  Home of the annual Accordion Festival, summertime Farmer´s Market and the Cotati Jazz Festival, La Plaza Park is a hexagonally laid out park with roadways meeting in its center from four directions.  The park is commonly known as the Hub of Sonoma County because of its wheel type layout.


5.  Friendly Neighborhoods

Emanating from its hexagonal park the city offers many attractive neighborhoods.  Older homes within close proximity to the park give way to newer developments.  Large community parks and neighborhood schools offer places for families to enjoy their leisure time. 


6.  The Climate

The prevailing conditions are warm days and cool evenings caused by moist marine air from the ocean which moderates temperatures.


7.  Scenery

Surrounded by the natural beauty of Northern California vineyards and hills this area is as Luther Burbank said in 1875, "I firmly believe, from what I have seen that this is the chosen spot of all this earth as far as Nature is concerned." 


8.  Employment

Cotati is the home to a very clean light industrial area and is proud of its mixed-use development and "Green Building" program. Lowe´s is one of the largest employers but community favorites like Oliver´s Market specialize in high quality products. 


9.  Schools


K-12 education is provided by the Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District.  The district is made up of 7 elementary (K-6) schools, 1 middle (7-8) and 3 high (9-12) schools.  The main school is Rancho Cotate High School. The area is also serviced by Technology High School which is housed at Sonoma State University.


10.  Educational Opportunities

Sonoma State University is dedicated to liberal arts and sciences and is known for its active use of technology.  The faculty and staff of Sonoma State provide close mentoring relationships and an education that fosters ethical exploration, civic engagement, social responsibility, and the global awareness combined with a solid foundation in an academic discipline.  The University has recently earned its Business School accreditation.

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